Our Vision
To employ hands-on training exposure in world's best practices to develop the next generation of African farmers and rural enterpreneurs.
We have a rich faculty staffed by internationally renowned professors on each enterprises. The professors are supported by team of more practically inclined hands-on scientists in all fields and enterprises.
Our Methods

The method of theoretical lecture is electronically aided and interactive. this provides the theoretical underpinnings for the enterprises. Group assignments, presentation and discussion are used to hone in the ideas.

This is followed with or interrupted with hands-on practical exposure to ensure permanent internalization of the ideas taught. Furthermore, students/interns are encouraged to practice the ideas on their won farms to enhance their yield and income.
We also teach lessons on enterpreneurship, farm management, farm records and accounting, and the practical tips that are required for success, but which are not taught at regular schools of business and agriculture.
Our interns own and operate their own farms where the knowledge acquired is domesticated. We coach on yield enhancing technologies and cultural practices that also facilitate the production of organic products.
Top class accomodation and feeding are provided to interested students, interns and tourists, we offer farm-fresh food, vegetable, and fruits hospitably presented either in traditional or modern setting with a healthy and an eco-friendly environment.
UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) recently certified our state as having the longest life expectancy, Our feeding and accomodation policy is to further promote longer lifespan and healthier living.