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Professor A.I. Ayodele
Professor A. J. Adegbeye
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Mr. Eddie I. Okhiria
Mr. Gabriel O. Faluyi
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Professor A. J. Adegbeye
Course Director/Consultant
Adeduro Joseph Adegbeye ( BSc, MSc, Ibadan, Nigeria; PhD, Leeds, U.K) is a Professor of Agricultural Economics, specializing in Farm Management, Resource Economics, Project Appraisal and Planning, Agricultural Finance, and Agribusiness Economics. He taught at both the undergraduate and
postgraduate levels for 35 years ( 20 as a professor ) at the of Agricultural Economics University of Ibadan , Nigeria. Professor Adegbeye is currently assisting Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU)
to set up their Entrepreneurship Department.
At Ibadan , he was head of the oldest and foremost Department of Agricultural Economics in Nigeria between 1997 and 2000, before retiring in 2009 to private practice in farming, publishing and consulting. Between 2003 and 2007, he was the Adviser to the Ondo State Government on Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation where he set up the Poverty Alleviation Agency.
A Member of the British Association of Agricultural Economics, Nigeria Economic Society, Farm Management Association of Nigeria , International Association of Agricultural Economists, Agricultural Society of Nigeria and Fellow of Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, among many others, Professor Adegeye is a merit award winner for 1995 World Bank/Agricultural Development Program of Osun State of Nigeria, for best consultancy services, interests in farmers and farming. He is better known for his interest in yield enhancing and adaptive technology research and extension services. Joseph is the Cocoa Revolution exponent.
A practical Agribusiness Economists, Professor Adegeye, has a number of thriving agricultural enterprises in Cocoa, Plantain , Moringa, Brain Tonic, Apiculture, Aquaculture, Palm Produce, Citrus and Coconut.
He is the pioneer of the real pounded yam flour produced under the brand name of Josadeg, exported to Europe and America.
Professor Adegeye is a consultant to many private, government, non-governmental and international organizations, among which are: World Bank, IFAD, UNDP, and CIBA – GEGY (Now Syngenta). An author and publisher, Joseph is the Editor – in – Chief of the Journal of Agricultural Development Studies. He has many books and about 70 Journal to his credit, Among his books are Essential of Agricultural Economics (1982); Small Scale Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Capital Investment (1986); Cocoa Revolution in Nigeria ( 1990 ); You Can Determine The Sex of Your Child ( 2004 ); and Principles and Practice of Agricultural Extension (2005).
An Inventor, Professor Adegeye is a pioneer in many fields. Other major accomplishments include the following:-
  • Introduction of Breeding of Queen Bees.
  • Designed and Produced Modern Cocoa harvesting hooks
  • Introduction of commercial hand pollination of cocoa
  • Introduced local production of lawyers wigs from 100% pure natural silk.
  • Propagated planting materials of citrus through vegetative means.
  • Develop a system for dehydrating yams to increase its shelf live for up to 18 months
  • Develop homestead aquaculture techniques capable of producing up to 3 tonnes of fish per annum.
  • Has written four books in Agriculture and related disciplines. One of them is a University Text Book, which is recommended by all Faculties of Agriculture in Nigeria.
Professor Adegeye is married with successful children