Our Vision
To employ hands-on training exposure in world's best practices to develop the next generation of African farmers and rural enterpreneurs.
We have a rich faculty staffed by internationally renowned professors on each enterprises. The professors are supported by team of more practically inclined hands-on scientists in all fields and enterprises.
About Us

The Royal college of Agriculture and rural Enterpreneurship was established in response to the growing youth un-employment, low productivity of agriculture and rural enterprises and consequent high incidence of poverty.

It is designed to offer practical and sustainable solutions to the above ills and their derivatives. The vision and mission statements offer insight into our aims, objectives and approach.
Teaching and research facilities
Employing our unique teaching and research farms, enterprises, technologies and our renowned faculty, we expose our interns and students to best practices in the theory and practice of agricultural and rural enterprises.
Our library is continually updated with physical books while subscribing to e-library facilities. Students and interns have access to virtual library anywhere within the school, even on the farm.
Accomodation & feeding
Top class accomodation and feeding are provided to interested students, interns and tourists, we offer farm-fresh food, vegetable, and fruits hospitably presented either in traditional or modern setting with a healthy and an eco-friendly environment.